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Santa Salsa: Starting a Venezuelan arepa restaurant in Stockholm

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On the first episode of the 99 Projects podcast, I'm talking to three friends who share their story about starting a restaurant together. Santa Salsa is a Venezuelan arepa restaurant located in Frihamnen in Stockholm. Santa Salsa was started by Maikel Gonzales and Nico Barnao as a pop-up kitchen connected to the local underground music scene – serving free hand-held arepas at punk gigs as a means to attract an early crowd. They had a DIY ethos and a passion for bringing authentic Venezuelan arepas to the people of Stockholm. A few years later, they were joined by Sebastian Paez, who helped take the project to the next level during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We'll uncover how the three partners connected, how Santa Salsa began and how each member became involved in the project. We’ll also discuss finding inspiration in New York City, intercultural communications, where they want to take the project and advice for people following their passion to cook and bring their food to a wider audience.

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