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99 Projects Podcast

Welcome to the 99 Projects Podcast, a weekly show that deep-dives into creative and enterprising projects. Each week we uncover insights from the people behind intriguing ventures – and discuss the results, outcomes, and, most importantly, the lessons learned.

I’m David Richardson, an acoustic engineer, musician and AI student. I’m curious about why and how people do what they do. Join me as I track down the creators, experimenters and outsiders behind smart ideas, innovation and invention – and explore real stories of endeavour, trial and error.

A hybrid of guest interviews, recordings from the field and insight sharing – episodes typically last for around 30 minutes and new shows are added every Tuesday.

You can find this podcast across all usual platforms. Feel free to subscribe wherever you’re tuning in from and stay up to date with new episodes. If you’d like to get in touch or ask us a question, visit www.99projectspodcast.com. There, you’ll also find our blog, where we document and share resources related to this podcast, links to social media and bonus material.

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