Power Adulting Podcast podcast

Power Adulting Podcast

El Brownell & Dave Koch

Edutainment interviews filled with wisdom + intriguing stories help aspiring young adults navigate all the key life milestones not taught in school. El and Dave chat with fascinating individuals from an array of backgrounds who will unwrap simple answers to complicated mysteries and share their golden nuggets of inspiration. All so you can learn to reinforce your greatest strengths and improve your biggest weaknesses without (you yourself) facing that confusing fork in the road or experiencing that mind-boggling labyrinth of pain-filled potholes on your own path. You can just sit back in your most comfortable easy chair or go on a healthy walk and, at the same time, target any of the four key aspects of life (Health, Relationship, Career or Money) by collectively examining and unearthing the successes and struggles of our multigenerational list of guest experts. Find new truths, sidestep roadblocks, avoid future problems, fearlessly build confidence, overcome that pesky feeling of overwhelm plus get comfortable with a boatload of tools, tips and valuable adulting tactics. Join us on a journey of reflection, discovery and self-growth! Subscribe TODAY to our Wisdom Sharing Radio Show and prepare to transform your TOMORROW!

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