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ENCORE: Prestige Versus Charm Pricing

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How much would you say your art is worth? Turning your art into a fulfilling business that does more than barely get you from one month to the next, is a business skill worth learning.

There’s no need to live like a starving artist when you can use your creativity, develop skills, and start thriving in ways you never thought possible.

Understanding the psychology behind pricing and consumer behavior is one part of how artists go from amateur to professional.

“Which part of the brain do you want your customers to be using when buying art?” -Miriam Schulman

Pricing strategies for your business:

  • Charm or prestige pricing
  • Rounded pricing
  • What dollar signs and decimals say about your art
  • How to use pricing to communicate experience over transactions

This topic is one of the lessons from my forthcoming book Artpreneur. In this episode, you'll discover how to price your art to grow a lucrative business.

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Listen to the full episode with Jeffrey Shaw: How to Price Your Art

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