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The Challenge Season MTV Wants You To Forget Ever Happened - Also Jenna & Zach Wedding News

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The Challenge has had many seasons but none surrounded in mystery like The Challenge season 14 The Inferno 3. Paramount Plus has the most The Challenge seasons in one place but the one season missing in the middle of the block of seasons they have is The Inferno 3. Why don't they have The Inferno 3? Is it really because of copyright issues? Or is there something else keeping it away from the public's eye?

Hear my The Challenge theories on why I think MTV & The Challenge don't have The Inferno 3 available to on a streaming service not now OR EVER!!! As I think The Inferno 3 is The Challenge season MTV wants you to forget ever happened.

Also Nicole Z got engaged while Zach & Jenna tied the knot! Congrats!

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