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S3 EP11 All Things to All Men

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At Milford Christian Church, Pastor Jim Loomer likes to portray himself as “All Things to All Men,” as putting aside his own desires, comfort, and pride so that he can bring people to Jesus as envisioned in First Corinthians.  In doing so, Jim portrays himself as an average Joe, a man of the people, a happy go lucky man of God.  But underneath that mask lies a craven soul marked by a penchant for twisting God’s words to serve his purposes, and using his church as a weapon to harm those who would expose him.  Discover Jim’s history as a young Christian new to the pulpit, and follow him as he branches out into the realms of education and politics, where his hypocrisy is on full display.  Jim’s sins were so blatant, in fact, that this episode had to be split in two, with the second half – containing a look at how Jim uses the church as not only a sword, but also as a shield to protect those who would hurt children like Doreen Vincent and Emily Martin – coming shortly.  

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