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BONUS: Unladylike: How To Get a Rape Kit

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The team here at Stitcher has another show they’d highly recommend you checking out. Unladylike, hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, is all about the surprising and complicated and sometimes really fun world of feminism. They just wrapped an amazing season covering everything from feminist birdwatching, to gas lighting in the doctor's’ office, to slam dunks in the WNBA. Noor was featured on an episode where she talks about reporting on sex work, based on her experience creating Sold In America.

This week, we’re bringing you something extra: an episode where Cristen & Caroline interview a sexual assault nurse examiner about how to get a rape kit -- and how they could restore consent, dignity, and justice to patients.

Go find Unladylike in your podcast app to hear the first episode now. Unladylike in Apple Podcasts:

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