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The Physiology of Rest: Exploring Sleep's Role in Physical and Mental Wellness

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Join Dorothy of 41st Wink as we unravel the science of sleep, delve into the consequences of sleep deprivation, and the impact quality sleep has on your overall health and well-being in honor of World Sleep Day.

Dorothy Bradshaw has a background in public health, is acertified sleep specialist and the founder of The 41stWink, a platform dedicated to improving sleep health forindividuals and families. With expertise in addressing thesleep needs of both adults and children, Dorothy stays atthe forefront of the latest sleep science and industry bestpractices. Collaborating with a team of health andwellness professionals, she provides personalized sleepsupport, corporate wellness initiatives, workshops, andmore. Having experienced firsthand the challenges ofbalancing parenthood and sleep deprivation, Dorothy ispassionate about empowering individuals andorganizations to prioritize and achieve restorative sleep.


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