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Onlays Vs Full Crowns – Decision Making 2024 – PDP189

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Have we fully shifted towards lithium disilicate overlays and onlays? Are full crowns considered a sin in 2024? (Maybe just on Instagram then!) Spoiler: Crowns TOTALLY have a place, and so do large direct composite restorations! Dr Alan Burgin and I share our decision making trees for indirect restorations as part of ‘Crowns and Onlays Month’ on Protrusive Dental Podcast. Find out which clinical factors sway us more towards a Overlay vs a Vertiprep - and the rationale for each type of restoration. Watch PDP189 on Youtube Protrusive Dental Pearl: Use Vaseline on the gingivae when carrying out a ‘smile trial’ or bis-acryl mock-up - will result in an easier clean up! Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! Highlights of this Episode:01:54 Protrusive Dental Pearl02:44 Introduction - Dr Alan Burgin18:20 Types of Indirect Restorations31:16 From Onlay to Crown44:40 Crowns - Traditional vs Verti-Preps54:00 Reflection57:48 Alan’s Prep Course For the full educational experience, our Ultimate Education Plan gives you access to all our courses, webinars, and exclusive monthly content. This includes Vertipreps for Plonkers and clinical videos demonstrating Onlay Preps. Join us on Protrusive Guidance, our own platform for dental professionals. No need for Facebook anymore! 😉 If you liked this episode, you will also like PDP089 - Vertiprep Revision Click below for full episode transcript: Jaz's Introduction: Overlays and onlays have become very popular. So is there still a place for full crowns? I still place full crowns because I use vertical crowns, i.e. vertipreps. Even then, if a tooth has enough enamel, my indirect restoration of choice will very likely be an overlay restoration. Something like lithium disilicate. [Jaz]The other modern consideration that we have is composite. We can actually go really far with composites and I know the bigger the composite the less predictable it can be but sometimes with modern techniques and looking after the occlusion you can get a long time out of a large composite and often due to budgetary reasons or otherwise the large composite is what we may be opting for in many scenarios. So where do we draw the line? What's the limit of a large posterior composite? These are all the real world questions we'll be discussing today with my guest Dr. Alan Burgin as part of crowns and onlays month in June 2024. So remember in February we did Adhesive Dentistry, then in March we did Documentation, April we did Mental Health, in May we did may the Force Be With You Orthodontics, and now we're doing Crowns and Onlays. And I hope you agree that this is big enough to deserve its own month. It's our daily decision making. It's our bread and butter daily restorative dentistry. Hello Protruserati, I'm Jaz Gulati and welcome back to your favorite dental podcast. Every PDP episode, I give you a Protrusive Dental Pearl, except this time I've actually just run out. There's no more pearls out there. There's no more tips. In all the episodes we've done in the last six years, we've covered every single tip in Dentistry. And so, there we are. There's no more tips, guys. Dental PearlI'm just kidding. Listen, the tip for this one, the Protrusive Dental Pearl, by the way, if you want access to every single protrusive dental pearl, we've created a new PDF, by the way, which all the previous pearls are there in one PDF. This is freely available in Protrusive Guidance, our community, and the home of the nicest and geekiest dentists in the world. The website for that is protrusive. app or download the iOS, Android app is called Protrusive Guidance. The pearl for today is when you're doing a mock up with a bisacryl. What's bisacryl? It's like, you know, ProTemp, LuxaTemp, Integrity, all these instant crown bridge temporary materials. When you're doing a mock up like a smile preview, perhaps before veneers or something.

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