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Managing Patient Expectations – What We Can Learn from Facial Aesthetics – PDP180

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Managing patient expectations in Dentistry - there are some MAJOR lessons we can learn from facial aesthetics practitioners. We're diving into a conversation with Dr. Katherine Bell that's really going to open your eyes about communication. Despite beauty being subjective, we find a lot of similarities in how we talk to and get consent from patients, whether it's for facial aesthetics or dental procedures  So, even if facial aesthetics isn't your cup of tea, think of this episode as a deep dive into communication and consent. Plus, it's Documentation Month on Protrusive Podcast, and this episode is just the beginning! Watch PDP180 on Youtube Protrusive Dental Pearl: Tailoring consent to each patient involves discussing only the risks that matter to them, using standard forms for GUIDANCE, not for completeness. It's about clearly explaining how we'll minimize these risks, ensuring the patient feels secure and informed about the precautions taken. For example ‘Mrs Smith, your tooth is very badly broken down and this can be a very tricky extraction. The way we are going to make it easier is by carefully dividing the tooth in to 3 roots’ Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! Highlights of this episode: 01:36 Protrusive Dental Pearl 03:33 Dr. Kathryn Bell Introduction 05:01 Dr. Kathryn Bell’s Journey in Facial Aesthetics 09:08 Perception of Facial Aesthetics  15:34 Discussion on Documentation and Patient Education  20:05 Patient Consent and Managing Risks 25:13 Screening for Body Dysmorphia 33:50 Considerations for Patients with Depression Seeking Aesthetic Treatments 38:06 Learn More with Dr. Kathryn Bell Access the CPD quiz through our app on, either on your browser or by downloading our mobile app. For the full educational experience, our Ultimate Education Plan gives you access to all our courses, webinars, and exclusive monthly content. Join us on Protrusive Guidance, our own platform for dental professionals. No need for Facebook anymore! ;-) If you loved this episode, be sure to watch Botox for TMD – Indications and Protocols Click below for full episode transcript: Episode Teaser: So red flag number one was that she walked in and you could clearly see that she'd had quite a lot of work done already. So it wasn't subtle changes. It was this lady has had treatment before and her history was that she had been to a number of other practitioners and she wasn't happy. So massive red flag right there. [Katherine]Okay. So she's seen lots of people, she's had lots of treatment and she's still not happy. Okay. And the second one, like I said to you earlier, is I often give my patients a mirror and then get them to kind of point out what their concerns are. [Jaz]Let me guess, her mirror was touching her nose. [Katherine]Oh, no, no, no, Jaz. She had her own mirror. It was a magnification mirror. Jaz’s Introduction:Oh my goodness. Protruserati, I know what you're thinking. Jaz is doing an episode about facial aesthetics? Is everything feeling okay? Everything is just fine, guys. Trust me on this one. This episode with Dr. Katherine Bell, one of our own Patruserati, is going to blow your mind when it comes to communication. There's so many parallels we can draw from when you're consenting patients to something that's so, like, subjective. Like, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And that worries me about facial aesthetics. But actually there's so many parallels we can draw between communicating with our patients and consenting our patients for facial aesthetics and general restorative dentistry, especially like aesthetic dentistry, edge bonding, veneers. There were so many parallels. So even if like me, you have zero interest in facial aesthetics, think of this like a communication and consent episode, because this March 2024 is documentation month.

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