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‘Just in Time Learning’ and Career Development – AJ008

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More brilliant questions from dental students as Jaz is joined by Dhruti Mysore from Plymouth University. Watch AJ008 on Youtube We covered themes of student-life balance and professional development. Jaz shared the powerful technique of ‘Just-in-Time’ learning to gain structure and purpose to post-graduate development. Jaz gave his top tips for preventing burnout and the power of a supportive network.  And of course, we discussed Occlusion and Facebows! Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! For the full educational experience, our Ultimate Education Plan gives you access to all our courses, webinars, and exclusive monthly content. Join us on Protrusive Guidance, our own platform for dental professionals. No need for Facebook anymore! 😉 If you liked this episode, you will also like Occlusion Questions from Students – AJ005 Click below for full episode transcript: Jaz's Introduction: Hello and welcome back to another episode of Ask Jaz, part of the Protrusive Dental Podcast. My name is Jaz Gulati and I'll be your host and today we have a dental student, a fourth year dental student, Dhruti Mysore, who's got some questions for me, both clinical and non clinical. For example, what things did I learn during dental school that I still use today? [Jaz]And you know what? The answer just might shock you. The other thing that Dhruti asked is what happens when you qualify? Like when you qualify, what are the kind of courses and education that we should be seeking? We also discussed a little bit of the clinical stuff like occlusion, obviously, but there's once again a lot more in there about the work life balance and the journey of the career that we're in. So I hope you enjoy it and I'll catch you in the outro. Dhruti Mysore, welcome to the student's edition of the Protrusive Dental Podcast. How are you? [Dhruti]I'm good. It's nice that you could have me on. I've been such a big fan of you, I've been listening to you for the last two years. And yeah, we just finished final exams for fourth year now. So we have about a month of clinics left and then we're done for the year. [Jaz]But so if you finish your final exam, so this is at Plymouth by the way, right? So that means fifth year, is it a chilled year at your uni? Is that relatively, you can't say that now, you're shaking your head. Okay. [Dhruti]No, no. [Jaz]What have you got in store fifth year then? [Dhruti]So fifth year we have OSCEs and we have like three sets of MCQ exams. And we have sort of the SJT for our foundation year as well. [Jaz]And that's around the corner, right? That's probably September, October, November time, I think. [Dhruti]Yeah. Yeah. It's quite soon. And then we have other little modules, critical appraisal essays. It's sort of all powered on in fifth year. So, yeah. [Jaz]But do you feel a sense of relief getting fourth year out of the way? Cause it sounds like it's quite exam heavy, right? [Dhruti]Yeah. So actually our fourth year was a little bit different. So we, do you know Truro in Cornwall? [Jaz]Yeah. Yes, of course, beautiful part of the world. [Dhruti]Yeah, so we are actually, my whole year lives down here for this year. And it's sort of like we do a placement year there. So we're all down in Cornwall and then next year we're back to Plymouth. So it is nice sort of going back to like, you know, my uni city. But we're all going to miss Cornwall. And it's been really nice because clinic is only like a five minute walk because we live in the hospital accommodation. So it's really nice to be able to go home at lunchtime and then if there's no patient, sometimes we just go home and that's like, I think that's what's going to be missed as well about next year. So this year, the clinics have been more intense, but a little bit more nice because we get to have a little breather and get to go home as well.

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