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Isolating the Last Tooth in the Arch #RubberDamFam – PDP183

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Rubber Dam isolation can be tricky enough sometimes - it is especially awkward when the TERMINAL MOLAR needs restoring. How on earth does one isolate AND matrix this tooth? In this episode, Dr. Celine Higton delves into the intricacies of rubber dam isolation, particularly focusing on the last tooth in the arch. This discussion ties into the broader theme of mental health, highlighting how mastering such techniques can lead to a more enjoyable and stress-free practice. Watch PDP183 on Youtube Protrusive Dental Pearl: "Cow Mode" as a technique to improve access to the mouth's hard-to-reach areas, especially around the last molars. By instructing patients to shift their jaw to one side, akin to a cow's chewing, this approach aids in better oral hygiene practices and facilitates procedures like rubber dam isolation when clamping the terminal molar. Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! Highlights of this episode: 02:24 Protrusive Dental Pearl 5:36 Introduction to Dr Céline Higton 7:07 The Journey from Architecture to Dentistry 9:15  Mastering Rubber Dam Isolation: Tips and Techniques 14:12 Types of Clamps Ideal for Isolating the Last Tooth (Upper) 18:01 Dental Pearl - Cow Mode 19:22 Accessing the Last Tooth 22:13 Dr. Céline’s Personal Choice of Rubber Dam 23:11 Proper Lubrication for Rubber Dam 25:00 Correct Flossing Technique 27:01 Matrixing the Last Tooth 32:09 Cavity Preparation 35:37 Isolating the Last Tooth (Lower) 37:28 Coronoid Process in Clamp Placement 38:36 How to get in touch with Dr Celine Reach out to Dr. Céline Higton via her Instagram, @drcelinehigton and via her website, #RUBBERDAMFAM Access the CPD quiz through our app on, either on your browser or by downloading our mobile app. For the full educational experience, our Ultimate Education Plan gives you access to all our courses, webinars, and exclusive monthly content. Join us on Protrusive Guidance, our own platform for dental professionals. No need for Facebook anymore! 😉 If you love this episode, be sure to watch 10 Commandments for Staying Out of Trouble Click below for full episode transcript: Jaz's Introduction: When you're going through the journey of learning rubber dam isolation, because you want to level up your restorative dentistry and become better at adhesive dentistry. Jaz's Introduction:And for me, I've talked about before, like for me, rubber dam is my tranquil environment. It's when I'm least stressed. I've got rubber dam on, the patient can't talk, the tongue is abolished, and I'm just falling in love with a little micro steps that makes our profession so much fun, right? But when you're isolating the last tooth, like let's say it's a wisdom tooth or whichever is the last tooth. And then that tooth also needs a restoration. Then we have some issues, i.e If you clamp that tooth, then how can you get a matrix on that tooth? And that's the problem that we're solving today with the real superstar of dentistry. Her name is Dr. Celine Higton. I know so many of you probably already have heard of her. And I think it's so fitting that April, we're focusing April on mental health. So I'm going to talk a little bit more about mental health this month. And how is isolating the last tooth rubber dam relevant to mental health? Well, I told you already, it reduces my stress. I'm in my happy place when I've got rubber dam on. I want everyone, I want all dentists to experience this level of isolation whereby they're just listening to classic FM and everything's under control and the patient's not going to lick anything. So it's a great stress reducer for me. But also because in the conversation that I had with Celine, I think it's so obvious that, look, you guys know I'm super enthusiastic about what I do in dentistry. And I think that's really important for a long career and fulf...

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