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Implant Failed After 6 Months – Surgeon vs Restorative Dentist Medicolegal Considerations – GF022

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Implants can fail - we all know that…but what are the medico-legal implications when they fail at 6 months after restoring them… Is it all the restoring Dentists’ problem? ‘He who touched it last’? Or does the implant placing surgeon also need to be involved in the ‘post-mortem’? How can we handle the upset patient (and prevent this in the first place!) Watch GF022 on Youtube In the latest podcast episode, we introduced Dr. Joe Bhat and Neel Jeiswal, both prominent figures in Dentistry. Neel, representing PDI, has a rich background in clinical dentistry and medico-legal matters, while Dr Joe Bhat is a dual specialist in Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics. Joe established a pioneering multi-disciplinary clinic 20 years ago, which continues to thrive with numerous referrals. Both guests provided deep insights into implant failures, patient management, and the importance of effective communication and collaboration in dental practices. Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! Check out Dr Joe Bhat’s place of practice - Moor Park Specialists Due a renewal for your indemnity/insurance? Get a quote and special discount from PDI If you liked this episode, you will also like 4 Ways to Boost Osseointegration of Your Implants – PDP155 – Protrusive Dental Podcast Click below for full episode transcript: Jaz's Introduction: Imagine you have a patient and you refer him to the implantologist, who proceeds to place an implant for the upper right molar. Some months later, you then restore that implant. But unfortunately, this one doesn't go to plan and six months later, you make a diagnosis of peri implantitis and the implant has officially failed. [Jaz]You potentially have an upset patient on your hands. This patient is potentially pointing some fingers. Now who should the finger go towards? Should the finger go towards the implant placing dentist? or the implant restoring dentist. It's a bit of a medical legal minefield. So I'm joined today by Dr. Joe Bhat, who's both an oral surgeon and a prosthodontist, so he's in a great position to be our expert today, as well as Dr. Neel Jeiswal, who I rely on so much when anything, when it comes to medical legal, and indemnity This episode is CPD eligible on the Protrusive app called Protrusive Guidance. I think you'll learn a lot about communication, consent, and a proper medical legal management when things go wrong, how they work with each other. So we can benefit and really help our patients because ultimately everything we do is It's for the benefit of our patients. Dr. Joe Bhat, welcome to the Protrusive Dental Podcast for the first time. And Neel Jeiswal, welcome again, my friend. Neel, you are the representative of PDI and a clinical dentist that we love having on because your medical legal perspectives are absolutely fantastic, and also your years of clinical experience. But Joe, I don't think we've met before properly, so it's great to be introduced by Neel. Joe, tell us about yourself as a practicing dentist. What are your interests? [Joe]Thank you so much for the invite. I know it came via Neel, but I've heard a lot about you, Jaz. So good to be e-connected finally. I am a dentist. I'm a prosthodontist and an oral surgeon. So I started my life as an oral surgeon, did six, nearly seven years of Maxfax, did my, the old time fellowship, the FDS- RCS. And then I went back to dental school and did my specialist prosthodontic training. So I did my MClindent and MRD. We were the first batch. I was the first student, my surname beginning with B meant that I was my first student ever to get a monospecialty training pathway in prosthodontics. So I became a dual specialist in 2001. So that's 23 years ago. And we set up a specialist practice. The idea of the specialist practice at that stage was at that time, when I set up the practice more than two and a bit decades ago,

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