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From Scared to Confident in Oral Surgery – A Young Dentist’s Journey – IC049

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Hear how Aidan went from anxious about exodontia to now feeling confident and enjoying his oral surgery list. Watch IC049 on Youtube We cover the themes of career progression, overcoming procedural fears and decision making early in our careers. At the end, Aidan shares a clever way to deliver saline when washing out sockets! Need to Read it? Check out the Full Episode Transcript below! Highlights of this Episode:00:00  Intro 01:47 Imposter Syndrome02:45 Aiden’s Story05:16 Daunting Experiences with Stubborn Canine06:48 How Aiden would approach things now07:33 Dental Pearl - 6 second rule09:56 What happened during COVID?18:08 After the Ipswich post, what happened?25:04 Aiden’s advice for young dentists 29:53 Lesson about photography35:13 Whole tooth extraction vs. sectioning?36:26 Sectioning School39:31 Outro Sterile Saline Pods Check out Sectioning School and the entire collection of masterclasses for just $450 Check out the First Video of Sectioning School for Free: Case 1 of Sectioning School Occlusion Online Summer Sale - £100 OFF Expires 3rd June Click below for full episode transcript: Jaz's Introduction: Naturally when we qualify as dentists, we're not the most confident in a lot of procedures, especially oral surgery. It's a common theme, and obviously it depends on where you qualified from and how much surgical experience you had, but a common theme is being scared of extractions. Like, I've definitely been through it, I've talked about it a lot in terms of the power of sectioning teeth. [Jaz]But today I speak to a young dentist, Aidan, who went from being scared to now being really confident. And he's still a young dentist, about five years out, and he's found himself in an environment where maybe 50 percent of his diary is extractions. And this is what he wanted. This is what he designed. So listen to this interference cast today to explore Aidan's journey. There's a few little exodontia tips thrown in there and a really cool tip right at the end about how to actually get saline into your socket a really clever way, which I didn't know about, and I think is going to blow your mind. So if you want to hear that tip, you have to go all the way to the end. Hello, Protruserati, I'm Jaz Gulati, and welcome back to an interference cast. This is kind of like the non clinical arm of the podcast, although this is probably one of the most clinical ones that we've done. This one doesn't have premium notes. It doesn't have CPD, but this is a really warm episode when it comes to being inspired about someone's journey and the steps they take and learning about how someone came to a decision. Like I love something that Aidan says that he recognizes that he's not the best at multitasking and he really enjoys the idea of having focus and oral surgery ended up becoming a focus of his and this young dentist is now pursuing an implant masters and how one thing leads to another. So this is a really cool journey to unpack. So I hope you enjoy it. And if you gain something from this episode, don't forget to hit that like button. If you're watching on YouTube, if you're listening on Spotify or Apple, thanks so much for always coming back, really appreciate it. Do make sure you are subscribed so you don't miss an episode. It also helps Protrusive to grow. So I'd really appreciate that. Now let's join the main episode. [Aidan]I feel a bit like an imposter today. I feel like I've not really, I've just done what I've loved and enjoyed, and I've not really felt there's anything particularly that's special about it. [Jaz]I disagree completely. Aidan, I think everyone's got a unique story and you're going to be amazed about how many young dentists will just get some ideas. So, I mean, let's just say we've kicked off . Aidan? Yes. Welcome to the Protrusive Dental Podcast, my friend. How are you? [Aidan]Thanks, Jaz. Yeah,

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