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Episode 21: Cyprus Goes the Way of the Khirokitia Culture

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After having a look at the seventh millennium BCE across Anatolia, the Levant and Mesopotamia, it is time to come back to Cyprus and see how life changed here after 7000 cal BCE. After the end of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic on Cyprus we see the development of the Khirokitia culture. Unlike with the regions which we have talked about on the mainland, the Khirokitia culture lasts not only until 6000 cal BCE but until at least 5300 or 5200 cal BCE, giving us a two thousand year view of life on Cyprus after the end of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic. Or rather, after 7000 cal BCE - because Cyprus goes its own way over the course of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, and never more so than during the Khirokitia culture.

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