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Ekaterina Gubanova - In conversation with the mezzo-soprano

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It's time for a new English-language episode of your favorite podcast, don't you think? That's why today we have "Parlando" with the Russian mezzo-soprano Ekaterina Gubanova. I was very lucky to be able to meet the exceptional singer last summer in Bayreuth during the festival, where she sang Kundry in the new "Parsifal". Since her celebrated debut as Venus in Tobias Kratzer's cult production of "Tannhäuser", she has been an integral part of the so called "green hill" of Bayreuth and is popular with audiences and press alike. I spoke to Ekaterina about her musical roots, why working on Kundry is a lifelong pursuit, what makes Bayreuth her favorite place to work and why it is important not to neglect your private life alongside singing . Enjoy and share this episode with everyone who loves opera and great singing. Thanks for your support

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