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Barbara Frittoli - In conversation with the soprano

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Don't you think it is time for another english episode of your favourite Podcast? Voilà! This time i am in conversation with one of italians most favourite lyrical sopranos of the last decades. Being a rebelliou teenager she became an opera singer by accident but immediately found her way entering all the major houses at once. Amidst her big repertoire there are two composers she is constantly maintaining: Mozart & Verdi. May it be as the hurted Figaro-Contessa or loving Desdemona, she is famous for her rich and velvet tone as well as her engaging stage presence. How the big Maestro Riccardo Muti changed her approach to music, how it came that she refused to do a scenical production of "Luisa Miller" and why it is always important to remember where you come from will be answered by the wonderful milanese soprano Barbara Frittoli.

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