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Episode 56: COVID-19 shows our lifestyles matter

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Having a chronic disease appears to put us at greater risk of COVID19. Lifestyle medicine is effective at preventing, treating and reversing these conditions. Dr George Cho, Clinic Director of Pathways Clinics also shares simple health principles for staying healthy during this pandemic.



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Lifestyle Is Medicine

The Lifestyle Is Medicine podcast is produced by Pathways to Wholeness Lifestyle Medicine in Toronto, Canada and Lifestyle Is Medicine. Pathways is a group of clinics in Toronto that prevents, treats and reverses disease using evidence-based lifestyle medicine. Pathways provides compassionate, evidence-based care at two clinics in Toronto: the North York Lifestyle Medicine Clinic and Junction Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. Learn more at:

Lifestyle Is Medicine is a not for profit that shares the principles of lifestyle medicine to help individuals and families prevent and reverse today’s leading chronic conditions. Learn more at:

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