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Improving Lives by Allowing Companies To Give Back with James Layfield of Clearfind

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On this episode, James Layfield, Founder of Clearfind and Awesomage, shares how he is helping #B2B companies save on software, while also making a difference in the lives of orphans.

Software costs are always at top of mind for #businessleaders. Many companies accumulate a large amount of technical debt as they subscribe to systems that were imperative in their time. The downside is that #leadership, especially in large corporations, can lose sight of the software’s value or whether its features are now redundant.

James solves this problem with his AI-based system. He uses a performance-based model that takes a percentage of the money saved. And the profits are used to help orphans in developing countries. James and his team are driven by this greater purpose and the desire to make a difference.

Resources mentioned:

Awesomage website - https://awesomage.org/

Awesomage YouTube videos - https://www.youtube.com/@awesomage/featured

Clearfield website - https://www.clearfind.com/

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