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Finding Passion in Greater Purpose with Scott Megill at Coriell Life Sciences

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Scott Megill, President and CEO at Coriell Life Sciences, shares the exciting #leadership journey that brought him to the helm of one of the most innovative #B2B health-tech companies. Coriell Life Sciences helps healthcare providers find the most efficient and beneficial medical treatment for patients using existing knowledge of genetic technology.

Scott shares how he taps into his love for technology and innovation and combines it with the greater purpose of making an impact on people’s lives. This combination fuels his passion and, through it, he draws inspiration and enjoyment from his work. He urges #businessleaders to combine their passion with a purpose to find the way forward and upward.

Scott also shares how it’s important to be patient in healthcare innovations. It’s essential to hedge towards that longer-term goal or you will find yourself falling short.

Scott Megill - https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottmegill/

Coriell Life Sciences - https://www.linkedin.com/company/corielllife/

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