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B2B Marketing as a Revenue Generator, a Catalyst for Change and the Glue That Holds the Company Together with Leela Gill of 1health

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On this episode, Leela Gill, Chief Marketing Officer at 1health shares how she found her purpose in marketing. She also dishes out some key insights that #b2b #businessleaders will find relevant and educational.

Leela has taken several roles but found her calling in marketing. She feels that marketing’s role is the glue that brings the #leadership of the company together. This helped her realize her “why” in her career. Marketing is a change catalyst, calling customers to change and jump on, it also helps the organization transform through effective communication.

She shares how sales and marketing need to collaborate more than ever. Having shared metrics can help the company achieve growth and revenue even with differing functions. She also believes in the power of being able to unplug and recharge in order to be more productive.

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