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Ep-194: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

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Fire up your chainsaws and fix yourself a hot bowl of chili, because the time has finally come for us to review Brian’s second favorite horror movie: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” (1986).  At long last, we get to sink our teeth deep into the meat of this movie, exploring all of its spooky caverns, wild characters, and insane choices... and if any of you dog d's don’t like it, you can lick our plates!

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    Ep-206: Day Of The Dead.


    In this new episode, the Forever Midnight crew once again have their fate chosen for them by a wonderful Patreon Patron. This time, that fate is a dark and desolate one, at least in regards to imagery and subject matter. The FM3 are talking about one of the best zombie films in horror history: George Romero’s “Day Of The Dead!” Join the gang as they talk about this fan fave’s high points, flaws and the hard scientific truths about blue and green zombos. You may just learn something... but probably not. We are just three chuckle heads!
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-205: Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker.


    In this holiday hootenanny of  an episode, the FM3 close a chapter that's been 5 years in the making. They are talking “Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker”! This movie’s stocking is filled to the brim with all kinds of nonsense: weird kids, ugly killer toys, fake Santas, rubber arms (that can think), Mickey Rooney, Robots, and Ricky - played once again by the holiday savior himself, Clint Howard! Really, what more could you ask for in a holiday Episode??! Merry Clintmas to all and to all a good night! 
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    Ep-204: Midnight Ramblers 2: The Buzz is Back.


    Just in time to fill your stockings with “Hot Content”, the FM crew is back ramblin’ again. This time around there has been a lot of “Buzz” about the new Texas Chainsaw Reboot and the upcoming Texas Chainsaw video game. So in true Forever Midnight fashion, a brief discussion becomes an episode. Join the fun as Brian gets on his Chainsaw Massacre soap box, Old man Staples explains why things were better way back when, and poor Jef just tries to make sure Brian doesn’t have a brain aneurysm and Josh doesn’t break a hip.          ReplyForward
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-203: Antlers.


    This latest episode of Forever Midnight sees the FM3 on a trip to the dank dark woods of Oregon, where they decide that it’s time to figure out this Lil-Cryptid situation. Expecting to find a snuggle-bandit like Bigfoot, they instead find a truly terrifying creature that will leave them all praying they don’t split open like a pair of Lenny Kravitz's jeans, spilling forth a heaping helping of horny Wendigo pie. Stay tuned as we talk about the long-awaited 2021 Creetchie-Feetch, “Antlers”!! 
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-202: Zombie Nightmare.


    In this week's episode, the FM crew are caught with their sweatpants down after a wild and crazy October and realize Gnarvember is already in full swing. Trying to formulate a plan to appease the Rock Gods, Forever Midnight stage dives right into the 1987 film “Zombie Nightmare”! They would come to realize very quickly that among the many things this film lacks, a Rock-N-Roll band is numero uno. After surrendering to Thor’s super strength and an awkward ass Adam West the guys in true FM fashion finish the film and are left feeling a lot less Rock-n-Roll and a whole lot more Rick Rolled. 
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-201: Halloween Kills.


    It's a rare and special occasion when the FM3 get to take a trip down to Haddonfield because a brand new Michael Myers movie just plopped into their candy sacks. Eager to see what old Mikey has been cooking up since 2018, the Forever Midnight crew hop into their best blue jumpsuits and get ready to rip this film a new eye hole! But when it comes to Halloween goodies, ya gotta welcome the sweet along with the salty and the sour (because we're all too familiar with the nasty aftertastes that certain chapters of this franchise can leave) and always examine your treats closely - you might just get a bloody good one!    
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-200: Ghoulies Go To College.


    The Forever Midnight Podcast has finally made it to episode 200!!! It's been many years of magic and self discovery, and FM can finally call themselves "professionals." In this milestone episode, the crew decide to loosen up a bit and kinda go off the rails, talking about the new James Wan friendship-ender "Malignant” (2021) before they hop on the wittle goober bus and head back to school with the coming-of-age tale, “Ghoulies Go To College!” Yep folks, it is a lumpy and bumpy ride until the oversized bugs-bunny-bomb explodes, erasing all recent memories of these god-damned rubber puppets. Enjoy, and thank you so much for listening!!!         ReplyForward
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-199: Head Of The Family.


    In Forever Midnight's latest episode, the FM3 find themselves once again on the Charles Bandwagon. How they got onboard is anyone's guess, but they are going the distance with the funkiest of films by Full Moon Productions, the 1996 Humpty Lumpty story, “Head Of the Family.” Filled with freaky weirdos and enough nudity to make Hugh Hefner blush, it left the Forever Midnight crew scratching their massive heads, and searching for the swiftest road to emancipation from the Band family once and for all.
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-198: Candyman (2021)


    In this episode, The FM3 finally get to dive mouth-first into the sugary-sweet, long-awaited treat, “Candyman” (2021). Filled to the brim with art, violence & bees, Nia DeCosta's visionary, honey-dipped sequel to the 1992 cult classic is an urban folktale for the ages - perfect for old, bitter horror nerds as well as the fresh generation of fans who can't wait to say his name…
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-197: Eaten Alive.


    In this week's episode, a member of the elite Forever Midnight Society from Patreon give the sweet and sour (but mostly sour) gift of the 1976 film “Eaten Alive” for the crew to chew on. Happy to see their friends Freddy, Ruby, Morticia, Sally, Ali-Gator and Winslow, the FM3 do their best to talk through - and eventually come to terms with - what they witnessed in this Tobe Hooper mess-terpiece.

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