FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast.

Forever Midnight - Horror Movie Podcast

A horror movie podcast for all horror fans, not just know-it-all nerds (and also for know-it-all nerds). Part of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network.

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  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-200: Ghoulies Go To College.


    The Forever Midnight Podcast has finally made it to episode 200!!! It's been many years of magic and self discovery, and FM can finally call themselves "professionals." In this milestone episode, the crew decide to loosen up a bit and kinda go off the rails, talking about the new James Wan friendship-ender "Malignant” (2021) before they hop on the wittle goober bus and head back to school with the coming-of-age tale, “Ghoulies Go To College!” Yep folks, it is a lumpy and bumpy ride until the oversized bugs-bunny-bomb explodes, erasing all recent memories of these god-damned rubber puppets. Enjoy, and thank you so much for listening!!!         ReplyForward
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-199: Head Of The Family.


    In Forever Midnight's latest episode, the FM3 find themselves once again on the Charles Bandwagon. How they got onboard is anyone's guess, but they are going the distance with the funkiest of films by Full Moon Productions, the 1996 Humpty Lumpty story, “Head Of the Family.” Filled with freaky weirdos and enough nudity to make Hugh Hefner blush, it left the Forever Midnight crew scratching their massive heads, and searching for the swiftest road to emancipation from the Band family once and for all.
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

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  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-198: Candyman (2021)


    In this episode, The FM3 finally get to dive mouth-first into the sugary-sweet, long-awaited treat, “Candyman” (2021). Filled to the brim with art, violence & bees, Nia DeCosta's visionary, honey-dipped sequel to the 1992 cult classic is an urban folktale for the ages - perfect for old, bitter horror nerds as well as the fresh generation of fans who can't wait to say his name…
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-197: Eaten Alive.


    In this week's episode, a member of the elite Forever Midnight Society from Patreon give the sweet and sour (but mostly sour) gift of the 1976 film “Eaten Alive” for the crew to chew on. Happy to see their friends Freddy, Ruby, Morticia, Sally, Ali-Gator and Winslow, the FM3 do their best to talk through - and eventually come to terms with - what they witnessed in this Tobe Hooper mess-terpiece.
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-196: Ghoulies II.


    In this week's episode, The FM3 are headed to the carnival! But not just any carnival... this one is filled with all kinds of fantastic-looking rubber ghoobers. At first, the Forever Midnight crew were scared shitless that these widdle turds were gonna try to eat them, but soon realized these little ghoobers just wanted to entertain folks in the bullshit dark ride. After surviving the show, sh'boys were so stoked that they had to let everyone know that a big old stinky rat and a jacked-ass hoofed cat were murking fools in the spook house!! It was almost exactly what happened to the Uggos of Italy in the 1987 latex money pit known affectionately around the globe as "Ghoulies 2!"
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-195: Troll.


    In this week's episode, the FM crew wade even deeper into the rubber-filled, olympic-size swimming pool of 'Little Goober' movies finally choosing the greasy muppet symphony that is John Carl Buechler and Chuck Band’s "TROLL” (1986). Forever Midnight had a blast talking about how much better of an actor Phil Fondacaro is than Michael “Moe” Moriarty and coming to terms with our collective crush on the 70-year-old witch/stump in the film. All in all, it is a pretty bangin’ episode as per usual from the Ghouliverse’s favorite podcast!! 
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-194: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.


    Fire up your chainsaws and fix yourself a hot bowl of chili, because the time has finally come for us to review Brian’s second favorite horror movie: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” (1986).  At long last, we get to sink our teeth deep into the meat of this movie, exploring all of its spooky caverns, wild characters, and insane choices... and if any of you dog d's don’t like it, you can lick our plates!
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-193: Double Walker, w/ Michael Conrad & Noah Bailey.


    We got a special episode this week. We are thrilled to be joined my our good friends Michael Conrad and Noah Bailey to talk about their brand horror graphic novel "DOUBLE WALKER". We had an absolute blast chatting with our boys, and hope you don't wait and just dive right in to this really fun episode. That's right... Don't think about it. Just hit play! And if you like what you hear please consider supporting these guys by picking up "DOUBLE WALKER". Which is out now on Comixology and available on Amazon. 
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-192: Critters.


    In this week's episode, the FM3 go head-to-head with a group of little hairy bastards from outer space. Joined by some bumbling booger-faced bounty hunters that offer no help, the Forever Midnight crew decide to take matters into their own hands and blow the living shite out of some Crites! After saving the world (and some reverse action home remodeling), what better way to celebrate than by talking all about “Critters” (1986)
  • FOREVER MIDNIGHT - Horror Movie Podcast. podcast

    Ep-191: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.


    In this week's episode, the FM3 take Dragula out for a spin and end up careening head first into the debate about Robert Zombies newest film announcement. Then the FM crew head indoors to enjoy the newest demonic jump scare film in a real live actual movie theater!! With their bellies filled with paranormal popcorn the conversation ends up being more centered on the ghostly grifters publicly known as “The Warrens” and how they may be full of not only horse shit but also delicious lies. So grab a crucifix and listen along as the Forever Midnight Podcast talks about “The Conjuring: The Devil made me do it”.

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