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What is 'DNA of a MAKER'?

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With the DNA of a MAKER podcast, we wanted to push the conversation forward to the next level — a deep dive into the traits of our MAKERS — and ask, “What are the traits that make MAKERS leaders? What traits give them the courage to fight for diversity and inclusion, and in turn, the courage to effect change?”

On DNA of a MAKER, we’re bringing together all different kinds of changemakers -- unified in their commitment to do better and be better -- to see what we can learn from their journey.

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DNA of a MAKER is a Verizon Media production and supported by 23andMe. This podcast is executive produced by Dyllan McGee and Elizabeth Bohnel. This series is produced by Stacy Jackman, Carisse Moy, Kelly Matousek, Jevon Bruh and Jeffrey Pattit, and is edited by Elena Perez, Roy Hamm and Meg Metzger. 

This series is funded by 23andMe. All content is editorially independent, with no influence or input from the brand.

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