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249: AI and Personalized Itineraries with Bandwango CEO Mo Parikh

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CEO Mo Parikh has pioneered a technology company that is revolutionizing the tourism industry — Bandwango. In this episode, Mo shares his insights on what Bandwango is and how it can help destinations drive visitation. Bandwango's unique technology is making waves by allowing communities to organize things to do into free and paid experiences that integrate directly into websites. This integration generates leads and drives revenue for organizations, while providing a seamless user experience for customers. But Mo and Adam discuss more than just what Bandwango is currently doing; later, they talk about the role that artificial intelligence will play in the future of the tourism industry. Mo discusses the potential for personalization when it comes to trip itineraries and the potential to create more dynamic pricing models, which will truly revolutionize the way people travel. Gain valuable insights into how Bandwango is transforming the tourism industry and how AI will play a significant role in shaping its future, as well.

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