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247: Natural State: The Secret to Arkansas' Tourism Success with Travis Napper and Karen Trevino

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Adam takes the podcast on the road once again at the Arkansas Tourism Conference, speaking with two esteemed guests: Travis Napper, the Director of Tourism at Arkansas Tourism, and Karen Trevino, the President & CEO at North Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau. Travis Napper focused on the importance of the Natural State brand in driving tourism to Arkansas, sharing his insights on how the state has successfully developed and marketed its unique identity to attract visitors from around the world. From its stunning natural beauty to its vibrant culture and rich history, Arkansas has a lot to offer, and Travis explained how his team is working hard to showcase these assets through innovative marketing strategies. Karen Trevino shared a new technology that involves using virtual reality to train employees in tourism and hospitality roles. Karen highlighted the importance of providing top-notch customer service in these industries, and how virtual reality can help employees develop the skills and confidence they need to deliver an exceptional experience for every guest. She shared some fascinating examples of how her team is using this cutting-edge technology to enhance training programs and improve overall performance.

"The natural state brand fits to a T what we offer as a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts. I think we offer something that people want — and that need — for their health, for their well being. It's gonna be good for the future of our humanity for people to get outside and experience that and we offer it in abundance at the highest level. We want to continue to double down on that."
- Travis Napper

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