What is wellness travel? It's more than yoga retreats and meditative programs. Sahara Rose De Vore — founder of the Travel Coach Network and owner of the WTTM Consulting Group — advocates for the mental, emotional and spiritual health benefits of tourism, drawing from her own extensive travel experience and experiences of the countless vacationers she's spoken with. Having visited 84 countries in just 10 years, she shares how travel has improved her quality of life and claims, "travel is wellness and wellness is travel."The wellness tourism industry is on the rise and Adam and Sahara Rose discuss how marketers can capitalize on the health benefits of their destinations.

"There's no such thing as selling travel; we're selling a feeling, transformation, or outcome that someone is looking for. So it's more speaking to that — how can your destination make that traveler feel before they get there, while they're there, and how can they feel when they return home . . . at a wellness standpoint."
- Sahara Rose De Vore

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