Boss Bitch Radio w/IFBB Pro, Diane Flores podcast

Boss Bitch Radio w/IFBB Pro, Diane Flores

Diane Flores

IFBB Bodybuilding Figure Pro, Diane Flores, and owner of an all women’s personal training studio Venus Fitness Studio, shares all of her health and fitness strategies, motivation, confidence building tips and real life unfiltered stories and experiences to help you live your healthiest and hottest life ever. Discover the Boss Bitch within you that can create a body and life you love on your terms so that you can free yourself from excuses, self limiting beliefs whether you are a complete newbie to health and fitness to the seasoned competitor. Since 2007, she’s been working with women through multiple fitness modalities. From pole dancing, boot camps, yoga and bodybuilding she’s been openly sharing her wins, losses and all of the lessons in between with the community of badass but humble women who follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Self-proclaimed graduate of the “School of Hardknocks”, you’ll learn about the habits needed to create a bangin’ body, busting false fitness myths, relationship and mindset tools, competition in’s and outs, being a female over 40, business and entrepreneurship, failures and lessons so that you can have some great LOL’s and also leave feeling inspired to create massive action in your own life. It’s going to be a mixture of solo shows from Diane, interviews, special co-hosts and a ton of goodies you don’t want to miss. Be prepared for unfiltered and explicit conversations! Hit that subscribe button and let’s have some fun bitches.

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