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Finding Harmony on the Road

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Kenneth Wilson, the highway cellist, shares his extraordinary “work of art” journey touring with his cello on his bike.

With his book, "Highway Cello," as the backdrop, Kenneth takes listeners on a captivating tale of musical exploration and self-discovery. He recounts the challenges and triumphs of riding with his cello, including the ingenious solution he found for carrying it on his bike.

Kenneth shares the joy of connecting with people and playing in unexpected locations, from punts in Cambridge to people's front rooms and back gardens. With his unique blend of music and poetry, Kenneth brings a touch of magic to every performance, leaving a lasting impact on those fortunate enough to hear his beautiful melodies.

5 Fun Facts about Kenneth’s Journey:

  • He strapped a cello to the back of the bike.
  • He cycled from Hadrian's Wall to Rome (the edge of the Roman Empire to the heart of the Empire).
  • He performed every day on the way, including at the highest motorable point over the Alps.
  • He biked into Rome and performed for the Mayor's Diplomatic Ambassador on the roof of the Musei Capitolini.
  • He upset the Mafia on the way!

Learn more about Kenneth on his website, Kenneth Wilson Highway Cello, and listen to his performances here. Follow him on Instagram at @kennethwilsoncello and on YouTube. You can get Kenneth’s book, The Highway Cello, here.

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Happy riding and hosting!

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