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Murdock, the Hosting Legend

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Today’s episode of Bike Life aired earlier this year and quickly became one of our most downloaded shows of all time. All of our 2023 guests have been simply amazing! We hope you enjoy this encore presentation of Murdock, the Hosting Legend.

Richard Martin, aka Murdock, discovered Warmshowers entirely by chance. Eight years and 200 guests later, Murdock has become a hosting legend!

One day, on his way to work as a wildland firefighter, he met a cyclist on the road who had just climbed a steep hill and looked exhausted. He stopped to offer her Gatorade, which turned into an offer of a place to stay, and then dinner, where she told him all about Warmshowers. The rest is history.

In his eight years of hosting, Murdock has met incredible people from all over the world. He’s seen it all; unicycles, tricycles, families with dogs, you name it. For Murdock, it’s all about the story, and someone new with a unique story always comes along!

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Today’s episode of Bike Life was hosted by Jerry Kopack, Warmshowers Board member and finance chair.

Theme Music by Les Konley | Produced by Les Konley

Happy riding and hosting!

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