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Episode 95: The Jasmine Throne

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On today's episode we're doing another deep dive on the marvelously sapphic fantasy novel The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri!


What We’re Into Lately 

The Secrets of Charlotte Street series by Scarlett Peckham     - book 2: The Earl I Ruined     - book 3: The Lord I Left

Seducing the Sorcerer by Lee Welch The Bachelor’s Valet by Arden Powell

Game of Thrones fanfic

Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex Wells

cast your bitterness into the sea by Kilerkki 

Campaign Skyjacks

Till Human Voices Wake Us by Victoria Goddard 


Other Stuff We Mentioned

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

Swordheart and The Paladin’s Grace by T. Kingfisher Jeeves/Wooster fanfiction


Hands of the Emperor by Victoria Goddard The Witcher “Hellfire” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame Game of Thrones Empresses in the Palace The Realm of Ash The Magpie Lord series A Cradle of Vines by Jennifer Mace Sleeping Beauty Seasons of Glass and Iron’ by Amal El-Mohtar Realm of Ash by Tasha Suri The Twilight Zone theme The Unbroken by C.L. Clark She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske For Next Time Your Name. Content Warnings Violence against women, imperialist violence, semi-graphic death descriptions, references to torture and drugging in The Jasmine Throne



The transcript of this episode is available here. Thanks once again to our most excellent team of scribes for their hard work!

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