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Moving Towards Secure Attachment with Dr. Morgan Anderson | Attachment Theory Expert

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Dr. Morgan Anderson, Clinical Psychologist, Attachment Theory Expert, Author, and host of the top-rated podcast: Let’s Get Vulnerable. With over 42K Instagram followers, 2M+ podcast downloads, and a best-selling new book, Love Magnet Dr. 

We talk about each attachment style, best first dates, green/red/yellow flags in dating, long term relationships + conflict navigation, and morning alignment.

Morgan is a powerful voice for women’s healing and a thought leader in the relationship space. She’s a relationship coach, attachment theory expert, and creator of the E.S.L. Relationship Method. Her mission is to help women get off the dating rollercoaster, raise their self-worth, and attract the healthy relationship they’ve always wanted. She created the Empowered.Secure.Loved Program because she knew women needed a clear path to secure attachment and love that lasts. With the science of attachment theory, data from hundreds of clients, and her own experiences she created a program that transforms you from lonely, to loved.


Love Magnet Book

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Let's Get Vulnerable Podcast

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