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Director Sam French graced us with is presence at the Official Studios in Atwater Village to talk some shop with hosts @rinestar, @tony_franklin, and @sultanavicci. An Oscar-nominated filmmaker and founding director of the documentary production company Development Pictures, Sam’s work has appeared on HBO, BBC, CNN, Channel 4 News, Al Jazeera, National Geographic, and other broadcast outlets.

Sam spent five years in Afghanistan, where he directed the Oscar-nominated narrative short film Buzkashi Boys. His documentary With This Breath I Fly, about two Afghan women fighting for their freedom after being imprisoned for “moral crimes,” has won over a dozen awards at major film festivals. Sam has directed episodes of the Emmy-nominated documentary series Religion of Sports, the Emmy-nominated series Why We Fight, and the Red Bull series All In and Life of Kai.

He is currently working on Dominion, a documentary about a new generation of evangelical climate activists, and Skinhead, a narrative feature film about former neo-Nazi Frank Meeink, exploring one man’s fall to power and rise into grace.Sam believes that storytelling has the power to connect people across different cultures, and by sharing our stories, we can change the world. He lives in Los Angeles. 

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