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Commercial and narrative filmmaker Oren Kaplan swung by the Official studio to talk shop with hosts Mark Rinehart, Tony Franklin, and Matthew Sultan. Oren is a commercial and narrative filmmaker that grew up in Israel and now lives in LA. He's directed commercials for some of your favorite things, like Delimex Taquitos, Nestle Drumsticks, Jeeps, Lotteries, Concussions, Tax Firms and even Toasty Quiznos Subs, where he also served as a creative director. On the narrative end he directed a bunch of episodic shows for Disney, Turner, Comedy Central, and Verizon.

Oren’s debut feature, THE HAMMER, premiered at the AFI Film Festival, winning the Breakthrough Film Award. The movie is based on the life of UFC Fighter Matt Hamill and features a cast of primarily Deaf actors. It won seven consecutive audience awards before its theatrical run and release on Netflix. He followed it up with the pulpy action thriller, A MOTHER’S RAGE starring everyone’s favorite aunt and college admissions advisor Lori Loughlin.

Between directing jobs, bugging his two children, and reviewing new Trader Joe's snacks, Oren moonlights as a Visual Effects Artist on films such as Oscar-bait Nomadland, C'mon C'mon, and 20th Century Women. To procrastinate Oren talks to other directors and has hosted over 382 episodes of "Just Shoot It," a podcast about the craft and business of being a filmmaker.

He is repped by ArtClass Content in the US and Undivided in Canada.

 www.weareofficial.com https://directedbyoren.com @okaplan


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