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Tim “Sluggo” Bleidistel “What the hell am I doing in the war, I don’t have to be here”

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As Marine Corps reservists, we are sort of free agents sometimes when it comes to filling holes on the active-duty forces side over in the war.  Hundreds of thousands over the years have volunteered for numerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan taking the pressure off of some guy who maybe just finished his 3rd tour.  It’s actually pretty cool to pick the job you want vice being told what job you will be doing! Tuesday night at 7pm CST, we will be talking with Tim “Sluggo” Bleidistel, a former Marine AV-8tor and current Airline pilot about his interesting tour in Iraq and the ultimate question we inevitability ask ourselves “What the hell am I doing? I don’t even have to be here…” 
Standby for a great conversation with an outstanding Marine!
Semper Fi Taco

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