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Hall of Fire 1: Ring Lore and the Second Age

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A different kind of episode today. The group takes a break from adventure (mostly because Summer is just busy, y'all) for Chris and Patrick to dive into Lord of the Rings lore. 

This is the first episode of its kind, so we decided what better name for it than the Hall of Fire? It's a place to talk story, lore, and geek out over the Lord of the Rings world we love so much. 

The La Porte brothers dive into how the rings of power were made in anticipation of the Rings of Power show soon to hit streaming. There's also talk of what makes Lord of the Rings so special, and what makes these two brothers...cry while watching? Really?

The adventure will return in the next episode of the Party Business Podcast, but for now, geek out with us! 

Also, we still love that new theme song by Joseph Frank, it's so awesome! Check out his stuff here: 

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