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Ep 23 Beorn To Be Wild: Tales from the Wilderland

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When you stay in a magical hairy man's house, there are probably going to be some crazy magical things that happen. 

For better or worse. 

Beorn hosts the geeky fellowship as they get curious about how he will react to the morbid news of his right-hand man and shield bearer. 

And there's an old phrase Bilbo's father used to say probably "Curiosity kills the cat." Actually, it doesn't, the cat just creates chaos everywhere its curiosity takes it. 

What will the group decide to do to keep up the investigation and help (or hinder) the Beornings plans?

Join The Party Business Podcast as we continue this One Ring RPG 2nd Edition actual play. We go over some info in the intro on the rules we are getting wrong from the 2nd edition of the One Ring RPG, but we keep growing and getting better every session. (Hopefully.) 

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