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Episode 12: Jerome "The Undertaker" Powell in a Steel Cage Death Match

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Is it Mark William Calaway? … or Jerome Powell? … will the REAL "Undertaker" please stand up!

Indeed, the modern-day version of legendary WWF superstar and World Champion "The Undertaker" is none other than the current Chair of the US Federal Reserve Bank, Jerome Powell ... who continued his Steel Cage Death Match this past Friday while on tour in Jackson Hole. Powell has spent the last year wrestling with, grappling with, and battling the great "Inflation Genie", and ultimately only the victor will be allowed out of then cage to hoist the World Championship Belt. 

Jerome "The Undertaker" WANTS that Championship Belt BADLY!

Unfortunately, he is not seven feet tall weighing 310 pounds.

Moreover, just like in professional wrestling there are side characters who intervene to try and take out The Undertaker. You are already familiar with "The Base Effect", which is set to reverse into high gear as an upside influence on inflation data as Gasoline prices are now rising on a month-month basis, and are above prices seen last year. Further, there is a SURPRISE "guest" who shows up in today's coverage and threatens to unleash mayhem in the steel cage. Entering the cage please welcome "The Nuclear Reactor" .

And if that wasn't enough drama...another superstar from the past is set to make a return to the steel cage to blow EVERYONE away and leave the fans with mouths to the floor. Welcome back the legendary "Currency Crisis", who has been busy in 2023 touring the globe and leaving a lengthening list of Emerging Market currencies flat out on the mat, at record lows versus the USD. 

The action is now FAST and FURIOUS...with the financial health of the audience members hanging in the is..."The Undertaker" in the Steel Cage, body slamming the labor market, pile-driving credit conditions, paralyzing the mortgage market, crippling the consumer, hoping to suffocate asset price appreciation, and looking to break some bones in the US economy … all in his drive to PIN the "Inflation Genie", and retain the Championship Belt!

This match is going to be very interesting to watch. 

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