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S2 E3: A Global-Macro Economic Trilogy

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In Episode #3 of Season Two Greg offers an in depth look at three countries which reflect the three primary and dominant macro-economic "backdrops" - Stagflation, Inflation and Deflation.

Each of these locations offer crystal clear evidence within the data and the market positioning and thus gives us clues as to how these scenarios may emerge in other countries, including the Anglo-nations (AKA USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia).

Subsequently we can use these three examples to provide a roadmap to aid in deploying risk capital, depending on which of the three primary macro-economic themes becomes dominant.

Greg also digs into the latest US macro-data, and more importantly offers his thoughts on investment "themes" for 2024, focusing on global equity markets, US industry-sectors, and commodities, including Gold, Uranium, and Ethereum-Bitcoin.

Moreover, if you wish to receive a FREE copy of Greg's "Gold Guru 2024 Year-Ahead Outlook Special" (as he offers at the end of today's episode) shoot us an email at "[email protected]" 

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