Money, Markets & New Age Investing podcast

Money, Markets & New Age Investing

Greg Weldon

Hello, my name is Greg Weldon, and I am the host of Money, Markets & New Age Investing, a Podcast that I have created to help people better understand what makes the global capital markets "tick", to help level the so-called playing field. I will teach you the things you'll NEED to know to best capitalize on your investments. I will show you specific trading strategies, and how to be protect your downside, because having a risk management overlay is paramount to success. But that’s just the beginning. We live in historic times, with big picture changes happening all around us . Financially speaking, this is all about a 50-year credit cycle of printing money, debasing the value of your paper wealth every single day …trillions of new dollars, yen, euros, pesos, new paper IOUs FLOODING the market. Then a pandemic accelerated a FORTY YEAR TREND REVERSAL, and BAM, inflation is thrown into the mix !!! More money chasing less goods”, it is everywhere, in everything, and everyone feels it. Add one final and critical secular trend that is intensifying … POLARIZATION …we’ve seen in it income for decades, but now it is in everything … weather, politics, human behavior, and markets. What do we have?? A new age of heightened volatility, one that will be with us for the foreseeable future. Thus, it is never more important to care for your ASSETS. With four decades of experience and a New Age vision for the future, I can help you learn how to better navigate these ever more volatile markets!!!! Join me for Money, Markets & New Age Investing!!!

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