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Working with Institutional Investors to Support Your Community w/ Michael Oden

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Michael “Mo” Oden joins us for a special episode of Keeping It Real, recorded live in person at the 2023 Unofficial Real Geeks User Conference, to share his unique approach to combining institutional investors and affordable housing.

Mo works with a diverse range of investors, from small groups and mom-and-pop ventures to institutional non-profits that have received funding from HUD and other institutional sources.

Many of these organizations possess the financial resources but lack the manpower to actively engage with communities.

He notes that often, there are opportunities within the MLS that people fail to recognize due to a lack of understanding of potential disposition strategies. Shedding light on an interesting angle, revealing that parcels where churches are situated can often be repurposed for residential use. By tearing down these emptied churches and navigating local municipal regulations, one can transform these spaces into viable housing solutions without the need for rezoning.

Tune in for our enlightening conversation with Mo as he walks us through how you can make multiple deals at once while also improving your community.

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