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41: Declutter; how to create happiness and save money! Secrets from The Queen of Construction

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This month we answer a listener question about home storage and organisation with the help of an author Abi has come to rely on.  And it all comes down to decluttering.

For the first time in the podcast's history - we are giving advice which is COMPLETELY FREE and comes before you even talk to the Queen of Construction (or your regular contractor). 

IN FACT - Abi says, if you do this - you might not even need to pay a contractor for bespoke storage or joinery.  You may find you have exactly what you needed the whole time and it was your behaviour and mindset which needed to change.

Abi talks about her own experience of having to declutter (being someone what of a maximalist in life!) and why this book and the advice that Dana White gives is so incredibly powerful.

Here is a link to Dana K Whites book - How to manage your home without loosing your mind

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