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40: Savings and Sustainability: Get a Designer Kitchen for a fraction of the price

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This month we talk to Looeeze Grossman from The Used Kitchen Company about an industry secret; sourcing and installing used kitchens.

We talk practicalities of the process of finding, measuring your new used kitchen, pitfalls to avoid and costs to consider.  While also talking about the savings which can be made, both to your pocket and to the environment.

If you would like to know more about The Used Kitchen Company and the various items they have for sale right now, see their Instagram: @TheUsedKitchenCompany, Pinterest @TheUsedKitchenCompany and you can Email: [email protected]

We also mentioned the episode 38 with Luke from Foreman Snags, who is superb with fixing damage in your home, including to used kitchens! - to listen, use this link

If you were interested to see images of the caravan kitchen - which is even more special than I could have ever imagined - see it here

So if you have an equal love of saving money and sustainability thinking about used kitchen is a must when planning your dream home refurbishment or extension.

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