Season 2 - More Real life as a carer, mum, crafter and writer - what is it like? podcast

Ep 8 - Stig of the dump, more PDA affects of going to the theatre and just out. The Carpenter's, can number 13 really be lucky? and Weaving again!! Dictionary weekly!

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Wow this is a packed one. I discuss Stig of the dump a fabulous book and theatre production - check out links on my site for more information (posted by Tuesday). How PDA affects a child in overload after the theatre and the lack of safe handling sessions to aid parents with SEND children.

A slight issue occurs when Master Alex wakes up coughing, I have to abandon you for a few moments - oh and apologies for the knocking over of the microphone!

I discuss how episode 7 and possibly a few more are of me singing. I love singing - this one is for mental health awareness and is solitaire by the carpenters - please do check it out, it is only a few minutes long.

My daughter loves the number 13 and I detest it - and am freaked out when I think of it. I am trying to turn the tide and embrace the 13!!

Yay! I have a tapestry commission so it is to work with the old one on the frame so I can begin the next. - Watch this space

A new addition for any writers, Dictionary Weekly, a quick word of the week!

And promoting my auction item - money raised to be gifted to the Royal British Legion. - information to follow on my website

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Thank you to all who tune in, it really is appreciated and amazing!!

Take care, and Stay Safe,


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