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How To Trademark Your Logo or Brand with Troy Hooper CEO of Kiwi Restaurant Group

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Logo design and branding are important aspects of any business, as having a distinct and recognizable brand can help to promote consumer recognition and drive sales. When it comes to protecting your logo or brand, the process of trademarking is critical. This involves registering your logo with the appropriate authorities, which may involve sending in samples of the design or filling out paperwork verifying its use within your organization.

From there, you can feel confident that no one else will be able to use your logo without permission. By protecting your logo or brand through trademarking, you can ensure that you maintain full control over how it is used and that your unique identity remains intact. Thanks to these benefits, the process of trademarking is an essential component of any successful business strategy.

Troy brings over 30 years of diverse hospitality management experience to Kiwi Restaurant Group. He has successfully built new concepts, redesigned and rebranded existing restaurants and hotels, and improved upon well-established venues for iconic brands such as Hilton Corporate properties, Sheraton, TPC Golf Clubs, as well as luxury Caribbean resorts, and exclusive private memberships clubs.

Throughout his career Troy has spent much time in asset transition and turn-around management for all types of hospitality and restaurant businesses. This experience makes him the perfect candidate to help guide KRP Restaurants through its own growth and development.




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