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This week I go over Linkin Park again. The first Linkin Park episode was season 3 episode 4 and has over 800 listens, so I wanted to circle back to them. Linkin Park has a heavy rock vibe with tough but intriguing lyrics. I go over One Step Closer, Battle Symphony, and others. The Y is What I’ve Done. Big shout out and thank you to Tate Godwin for fixing the audio mishap. I really appreciate it fam. As always there are great podcast questions. Send me a DM on Instagram to @jd4unc with your answers to get a great big shoutout in the next episode. If you have not yet, go check out the last episode about my grandpa Jim. Thanks for listening, leave a like, a review, and share with a friend.

Music Credits For This Episode: Intro THE SCOTTS by Travis Scott and Kid Cudi, One Step Closer, Lying From You, Crawling, and Battle Symphony by Linkin Park. The Y is What I’ve Done by Linkin Park. The outro Midsummer Madness Instrumental Prko.

Sources: Lyricfind.com, Musixmatch.com, Loudwire.com “The Ten Best Linkin Park Songs” by Chad Childers, Kerrang.com “The 20 Greatest Linkin Park Songs Ranked” by Sam Law, Genius.com, and YouTube.

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