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This Isn’t The American Dream I Signed Up For - Part Two: Roe V Wade

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We asked our audience what solo topic they’d like us to discuss and a vast majority said Roe V Wade. We know it’s controversial. We know it’s political. And we know, as two former teen actors, how often folks tell us to stay in our f-ing lane. But as two women, one of whom is a survivor of repeated sexual assault and here today because of a failed abortion and one of whom currently lives and is raising a daughter in a state where a trigger law goes into effect in just a few days… this is personal. So to the folks who’ve left us terrible reviews for having an opinion they didn’t care to hear, you ain’t gonna like this one. In today’s episode we are sharing our thoughts, our very personal stories and some resources that are available to take immediate action for yourself, someone you know or a perfect stranger who on June 24, 2022 became your sister and fellow soldier in this fight for our human rights.


Please be advised that this episode includes candid discussion about sensitive and potentially triggering topics.

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