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SERIAL KILLER: The Blackout Ripper

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Singapore was considered one of the British Empire’s most impenetrable islands, which is why the Fall of Singapore is described as one of the British Army’s biggest defeats and by far the worst defeat it suffered during World War 2. The Battle of Singapore began on the 8th of February 1942, when Japan, who were experienced in combat after several battles, invaded Singapore. The battle, which was fought fast and violently by Japan, took place over a 7 day period, resulting in roughly 10,000 casualties, anywhere between 80,000 and 100,000 troops becoming prisoners of war, and eventually, the surrender of Singapore. Whilst the Japanese and the British army were fighting for occupation of Singapore, police in Britain were fighting a battle of their own; attempting to identify a brutal killer, before he had the chance to claim any more women’s lives.

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