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Ego-free Leadership, Black-sheep Insights, and How to Leverage Clarity to Drive Certainty with Radka Dohnalová

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In this episode, Greg speaks with Radka Dohnalová, the Founder and CEO of ATAIRU, a leading purpose-driven international education company based in the Czech Republic.

Radka identifies three main challenges faced by leadership teams as they navigate change: 

  • The inability to create clarity. 
  • The need to manage resistance.
  • The requirement to create capacity for change. 

She then shares her approach to overcoming these challenges with a multitude of tools and strategies, including ego-free leadership, black-sheep insights, and the practice of leveraging clarity to drive certainty. 

Additionally, we dive into the critical components of fulfillment, both professional and personal, as Radka shares her research and insights about talent, passion, and purpose.

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