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S4E07: LIFE UPDATE & Community Q&A | Living Consciously, Period Flu, Functional Lab Testing & Emotional Intelligence

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***This episode is not meant to be medical advice. If you're currently experiencing something out of the normal please contact your medical provider for individualized care.***

In today's episode, join Norah and Monica on an engaging Q&A session, unraveling a myriad of topics from healthcare frustrations to personal life transitions. They share their unique experiences, offering a blend of practical health advice, practical tips for alleviating menstrual symptoms,  life lessons, and the importance of emotional intelligence. Whether you're seeking inspiration for overcoming challenges, curious about body intuition, or simply enjoy genuine conversations, this episode has something for everyone.

Episode Highlights:

  • Hosts' life updates and transitions
  • Healthcare frustrations
  • The significance of listening to one's body intuition
  • Body Confidence and Emotional Intelligence
  • Period flu symptoms and its relation to hormonal fluctuations
  • Natural relief methods for PMS symptoms
  • Headache relief techniques
  • Reflection on period cramps
  • Functional lab testing
  • Perimenopause and alleviating symptoms

And many more!

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